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We offer more than 10,000 Antibodies, Antigens, Recombinant Proteins, Substrates, Plasma and Sera

from the following companies:


Meridian Life Science, Inc. - USA

Antigens, also bacteria and viruses; recombinant proteins; antibodies,
poly- and monoclonal to Apoptosis & Signal Tranduction, Autoimmune,
Bone & Calcium Metabolism,
Cancer Markers, Cardiac Markers, CD-Markers, Collagens, Cytokine & Growth Factors, Drugs, Enzymes, Hormones,
Infectious Diseases & Toxins,
Lipoproteins, MHC, Neuroscience, Plasmodium, Platelets & Hemostasis, Proteins & Bioactive Peptides, etc.;
Assay blocking, detection, and stabilising reagents


Immunology Consultants Laboratory, Inc. - USA

Antibodies to human- and animal proteins, affinity und epitope tags, infectious agents and for veterinary diagnostics – purified and  Biotin, FITC,
HRP conjugated;
ELISA Kits (human/animal): Albumin, Alpha 1 Acid Glycoprotein,
Alpha 1-Antichymotrypsin, Alpha 1-Antitrypsin, Alpha 1-Microglobulin,
Alpha 2 Macroglobulin, C3, Casein, Ceruloplasmin, Clusterin,
Cystatin C, FABP, Fibrinogen, Fibronectin, Haptoglobin, Hemoglobin, Hemopexin, Immunglobulins, Lactat Dehydrogenase, MPO, Myoglobin, NGAL, Plasminogen, Prealbumin, RBP, SAA, SAP, Thiostatin, Transferrin, Vitamin D binding Protein, etc.;

Mouse Antibody Isotyping Kit


Innovative Research, Inc. - USA

Antibodies, proteins and ELISA Kits to  Anhydrotrypsin, Antiplasmin, Albumin, BSA, Coagulation Factors, Collagen, Elastase, Ecotin, Fibrinogen, Fibronectin, Globulins, Immunglobulins, Neuroserpin, PAI-1, Plasminogen, Prorenin, Protease Nexin 1, RAP, Renin, Protease Nexin 1, RAP, tPA, Urokinase, Vitronectin etc.;
Purified immunoglobulins;
Animal and human whole blood, plasma, serum and red blood cells, cancer plasma, complement, factor deficient plasma;
Enzymes and proteins (human & animal);
Biological fluids (ascites – urine)


Moss - USA          

Substrates for ELISA, Blotting, IHC,Microarray
(many one component substrates - ready to use)
Stabilizing diluents for HRP- and AP- conjugates



NeoMarkers / LabVision - USA 

Antibodies (many for paraffin embedded tissues) to Angiogenesis; Apoptosis, Cancer Markers, CD-Markers, Cell Cycle, Cell Junctions, Cytoskeleton Proteins, DNA Replication & Repair, EGFR Family, Hematopoiesis, Muscle Markers, Neuroscience, Oncogenesis, Proteases & Inhibitors, Signal Transduction, Stem Cell, Stress Response, Transcription Regulators, Tumor Suppressors, etc.

different package sizes; IVD antibodies

Detection systems and -reagents for IHC


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