Human Prorenin Direct ELISA Kit, IHPRENKT
This ELISA kit is the first and only commercial assay available that directly measures human prorenin.

The sensitive measurement of human prorenin is easily performed with this 96 well strip format ELISA kit. Active renin is not detected by this assay. Prorenin is measured directly by ELISA without pretreatment of samples or conversion to renin. Human prorenin in plasma, serum, or cell culture media binds capture antibody coated onto a micro titer plate. Anti-human prorenin primary antibody binds to the captured prorenin. Excess antibody is washed away, and bound antibody is then reacted with the secondary antibody. TMB substrate is used for color development at 450 nm. All reagents and standards are provided in these ELISA kits. This kit does not cross react with mouse or rat prorenin.

Human Prorenin ELISA for Non Plasma Samples (Kat.-Nr.: IHPRENKT-NP)

Prorenin Antibodies
Monoclonal antibody to human Prorenin 4B5-E3*

Mouse monoclonal antibody directed to human prorenin. This antibody recognizes and binds only to Prorenin. It does not bind or otherwise interact with active Renin. No cross reactivity with mouse or rat prorenin.

IgG2b class. Suitable for: WB, ELISA. Also available Biotin and FITC labelled.

This monoclonal antibody is inhibitory (Blocks proteolytic conversion to renin). Unpublished data demonstrates that this monoclonal antibody blocks activation of prorenin to renin after the addition of catalytic trypsin.

Dog Prorenin 8 x His, Kat.-Nr. IDPREN-HIS
Human Prorenin, Kat.-Nr. IHPREN
Human Prorenin Untagged, Kat.-Nr. IHPREN
Human Prorenin 8 x His, Kat.-Nr. IHPREN-HIS
Mouse Prorenin 8 x His, Kat.-Nr. IMPREN-HIS
Rat Prorenin 8 x His, Kat.-Nr. IRPREN-HIS

Dog Renin 8 x His, Kat.-Nr. IDREN-HIS
Human Renin, Kat.-Nr. IHREN

Several antibodies to Renin

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