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New in our portfolio:


Recombinant Proteins from Advanced Biomart

Advanced Biomart´s products have recently been added to the product range of Dunn Labortechnik. The biotechnology company is specializing in providing high quality recombinant proteins. The most common used expression systems are Human Cells, E. coli and Baculovirus-Insect Cells. Besides the large number of Human, Canine, Mouse and Rat proteins, Advanced Biomart offers numerous recombinant proteins to Cynomolgus and Rhesus, which are mostly produced in Human Cells. All these proteins are used in academic and government research institutes, pharmaceutical companies, as well as industry. The product range is completed by ELISA Kits, antibodies and the FastAb™ Mouse Adjuvant for the quick production of antibodies and an effective induction of immune response in mice.

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Chemiluminescent Substrate from Moss for HRP

Moss, our long-standing supplier for chromogenic substrates, has developed a new, highly sensitive and very stable chemiluminescent substrate for HRP. One substrate for
2 applications! The reagent can be used for the quantitative detection of HRP bound to solid phase (Western Blot) or in free solution (ELISA).

The two-component substrate, component A (Enhanced Luminol Solution), component B (Stabilized Peroxidase Solution) is stable for 36 months when refrigerated (4 °C).
The mixed working solution is stable for up to 24 hours when stored at room temperature in the dark.

In addition to the chemiluminescent substrate, Moss offers a diluent for component A. This can be used to adjust the signal strength to a level consistent with the specific sensitivity and dynamic range requirements of your assay.

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"Transwell® Holder"

Flexcell® International has extended its portfolio with the new "Transwell® Holder" for Flexcell®’s 6-well and 24-well BioFlex® Culture Plates. The Flexcell® Systems are successfully used in laboratories worldwide to investigate mechanical stress applied to 2D and 3D cell cultures. The new accessory now offers the possibility to test the interactions of mechanically stressed and unstressed cells as well as the effects of this stress on the migration in co-cultures. The holders are easy to handle and are compatible with most standard Transwells® for 6-well and 24-well culture plates.

Transwell® is a registered trademark of Corning® Inc.



"CrysCam UV™"

The CrysCam UV is a new product from Art Robbins Instruments and an addition to the standard CrysCam digital mircroscope. The CryCam UV™ can capture a whole plate with only one click. Automatically it creates visual and UV-pictures of all wells.
The CrysCam UV™ is equipped with a high resolution camera, digital zoom and polarization filter, and is therefore ideal for capturing crystals in nano drop size. The compact system comes with an innovative easy-to-use software.

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Effective Immunoassays Blocking Reagents
optimize assay performance and block false reactions

Meridian has released a new practical guide that provides a detailed overview on how blocking agents can be used to reduce non-specific binding in immunoassays. Blockers are typically used in ELISA and Lateral Flow assays, paired monoclonal sandwich assays, competitive assays and antigen capture (IgG/IgM) assays. They work by blocking interfering proteins that can lead to false results.