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One Chemiluminescent Substrate
for two applications

For your Alkaline Phosphatase labeled assays Dunn Labortechnik recommends the new chemiluminescent substrate from Moss. This is a highly sensitive single-component reagent for the quantitative detection of Alkaline Phosphatase in free solution (ELISA) or bound to a solid phase (western blot). This means, you can use one substrate for two applications.

The substrate is based on well known 1,2-dioxetane chemistry but incorporates novel enhancers. The efficiency of energy transfer and conversion to visible light is enhanced nearly 1000-fold by the proprietary enhancers. The reagent comes in two versions: RK (Rapid Kinetic Substrate) and MK (Maximum Kinetic Substrate). MK, a more powerful substrate, has a higher initial reaction rate than RK and produces a signal that reaches 90 % of maximum after approximately 45 minutes. RK has a strong initial activity and the signal reaches
90 % of maximum after approximately 20 minutes. Both substrates will emit light for several hours.

Because these substrates may be more sensitive than needed for some applications, optional diluents are available so that the users can adjust the substrates ideally to their particular assays and still save money.