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Bioreactor - Glucose Monitoring System


Disposable Bioreactor system with BioNoc II™ Microcarriers

The BelloCell® is based on the concept of bellows-induced alternating flow of media and air through porous BioNoc II micorcarriers, where cells reside and grow, providing low shear stress, high aeration and foam free culture environment. Both components - a sterile single-use culture bottle and the bellows compressor BelloStage® - raise and lower alternatively the medium to submerge the cells residing on the BioNoc II microcarriers.

  • Disposable bioreactor capable of high cell density
  • Consisting of compressor and three-piece single-use culture bottle.
  • A disk holds the BioNoc II microcarriers to create a dynamic interface between air and media on cell surfaces
  • BioNoc II microcarriers provide a very large surface area
  • Different bottles for different applications available
  • Cell mass produced by one BelloCell® bottle is comparable to
    20 - 30 roller bottles.

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Glucose monitoring system for cell culture media
(unlike diabetes glucose monitor)

  • For culture medium with or without serum
  • Palm sized, portable, calibration-free
  • Can be instantly used with disposable test strips
  • Accuracy: > 90 %, precision > 95 %, Linearity: 0.997
  • Click here for suitable Glucose Test Strips


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