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We offer Laboratory Equipment from the following companies:



Art Robbins Instruments  

  • "Scorpion" High Speed Dispenser for the preparation and reformatting of screening kits for crystallographic and genomic applications (e.g. PCR)
  • Microdispensers "Gryphon", "Phoenix", and "Cobra"
  • "Gryphon LCP" for Lipidic Cubic Phase assays
  • Reconditioned Hydra and Serum Dispenser
  • "Gryphon", "Phoenix", and "Hydra" replacement parts
  • "CrysCam" Digital Microskope
  • NEW! "CrysCam UV" Digital Microskope
  • Plates for protein crystallization ("Intelli-Plate")
  • LCP Mixing Station
  • LCP Hand Held Multivolume Dispenser
  • Tissue typing products 

    For further information on the "Intelli-Plates"
    please click here.



Bellco Glass

  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Pipette Pluggers
  • Roller Apparatus and Incubators
  • Rotators
  • Shaking Water Baths
  • Shakers and Rockers
  • Stirrers
  • Water Baths



  • Asbestos Inspection Cabinet
  • Formalin Station
  • "Optiflow" Safety Cabinet



  • Manual and electronic single and multichannel pipettes
  • "CappAid" and "CappTempo" (pipette controller)
  • "CappTronic" electronic single and eight channel pipettes
  • "CappWash" Handwasher for microtest plates
  • "LiquiMaster" (automatic liquid handling system)
  • "Origami Reservoirs"
  • "Capp Rondo", general laboratory equipment
  • "Capp Maestro"

  • Suitable pipette tips also available

Cesco Bioengineering

  • "BelloCell" High Density Bioreactor with
    "BioNOC" Microcarriers
  • "GlucCell" Glucose Monitoring Kit


Chemglass Life Sciences

  • Bioreactors
  • Chemical Reactors
  • Magnetic Stirrers (for cell culture)
  • Overhead Drives
  • Roller Apparatus
  • Shakers (gyratory, orbital, or linear motion)
  • General laboratory equipment


Safety and protection for persons, products, and environment

  • Wide range of Safety Cabinets of all classes

Flexcell International
Systems for biomechanical applications

  • Flexcell Tension & Compression Systems
    Computer regulated bioreactors that apply cyclic or static tensile strains or compression to cells cultured in vitro.
  • Tissue Train Culture System
    3D cell culture in a gel matrix with or without cyclic uniaxial tension.
  • ScanFlex
    Measure gel compaction in 3D bioartificial cultures.
  • StageFlexer/StageFlexer Jr./ StagePresser -
    Microscopy Devices
    A single-well embodiment of the Tension or Compression apparatus to observe signaling responses to strain in real time on a microscope stage.
  • Streamer and FlexFlow Systems
    Apply fluid shear stress to cells.
  • Osci-Flow
    Regulates flow both in oscillatory (flow reversal) manner and in pulsatile mode.

    Consumables: flexible bottomed culture plates with matrix bonded growth surfaces that promote attachement and growth
    of a variety of cell types (6- and 24-well plates) and culture
    slips for the fluid shear stress systems.
    here for further information.


IBI Scientific / Stovall Life Sciences

Laboratory equipment (formerly Stovall Life Sciences)

  • "Belly Dancer" and "Belly Button", shakers with 3D motion
  • Blot-Washer
  • "Hi/Lo Profile" Rocker
  • Roller Mixers
  • Shaking Water Bath
  • "Well Mark" pipetting aid
  • "Flow Cell", for real-time studies of biofilms

Laboratory equipment (IBI Scientific)

  • Blotting Systems
  • Electrophoresis Systems

    Further products from IBI Scientific:
    - Plastic ware (e.g. acrylic racks, micro injection plates)
    - Growth Media/Agarose
    - RNA/DNA products (e.g. purification kits, PCR kits)


Specific baths for LabArmor® metallic beads.




  • CO2 Incubators (also with integrated shakers)
  • Evaporators
  • Incubator with integrated shaker
  • Orbital Shakers with or without separate controller
  • Shaking Incubators (with or without cooling)
  • Multifunctional Work Stations ("Beauty Cell")
  • Water Baths (with or without shaking feature)

Porvair Sciences

  • "Co-Mix" (multiformat vortex-mixer)
  • Evaporators ("MiniVap", "MiniVap Gemini", "Ultravap Mistral", "Ultravap Levante")
  • "MatCapper" and "Decapper"
  • Pin-Tool (Replicator)
  • Sealer ("MiniSeal II")
  • "Ultrajet" (pipette controller)

ShelLab / Sheldon

  • Anaerobic and Hypoxia Chambers
  • CO2 Incubators
  • Drosophila Incubators
  • Hybridisation Oven
  • Incubators (also with cooling)
  • Ovens (also for clean rooms)
  • Roll-In and Large Capacity Incubators
  • Shaking Incubators
  • Shaking Water Baths
  • Vacuum Ovens
  • Water Baths


General laboratory equipment for multiple applications

  • Block Heaters
  • Centrifuges
  • Colony Counter
  • Flocculators
  • Heating Mantles and Accessories
  • Homogenizers
  • Hotplates (also PTFE and Infrared Models)
  • Hybridisation Incubator
  • Incubators (also with integrated shakers and rockers)
  • Magnetic Stirrers
  • Melting Point Apparatus
  • Overhead Stirrers
  • Rockers (3D gyratory or see-saw wave motion)
  • Roller Mixers
  • Rotary Evaporators
  • Shakers
  • Shaking Incubators (also with cooling)
  • Vortex Mixers
  • Water Baths (also with shaking function)
  • Water Stills


Laboratory equipment from 
various manufacturers