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Dunn Labortechnik GmbH
- how we became what we are -

In October 1982, after 10 years in biomedical sales for different companies in Germany, Peter William Dunn (British) and his wife Hannelore (German) opted for independence and founded the company Dunn Labortechnik und Geräteentwicklung.

In February 1992, the company was acquired by the British company J. Bibby & Sons Plc / Barloworld and was subsequently known as Bibby Dunn Labortechnik, but reverted back to its original status of private ownership at the end of September 1994, and is now called
Dunn Labortechnik GmbH.

From day one, Hannelore Dunn is the Managing Director (CEO) and Peter Dunn is still available as Consultant for the company. The Management is supported by a dedicated staff of 13 full-time employees, including four scientists.

In July 1992 we moved into our own newly built premises in Asbach, between Cologne/Bonn and Frankfurt, from where we deliver laboratory equipment, glassware and disposables, as well as immunoreagents, substrates, antibodies, adjuvants, plasma and sera to our customers all over Europe. In addition to our comprehensive and high-quality product portfolio, we stand for reliable and competent service, which is optimized by our large warehouse and our own technical service and support facility.

In 2017, we are celebrating our 35th anniversary! We are looking forward to a continuing good relationship with our renowned manufacturing suppliers and our loyal customers throughout Europe.


Our Customers 

Our customers throughout the whole of Germany and - depending on the product - in most European countries can be found in three main areas:

Universities, Hospitals and General Laboratories - such as Institutes for Biochemistry,
Cell Biology, Chemistry, Genetics, Immunology, Mechanobiology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Pharmacology, Physiology, Structural Biology, and Virology; Blood Banks, Cardiology,
HLA Laboratories, Orthopaedics, Pathology, Veterinary Medicine.

Research Organizations - such as EMBL, Fraunhofer Institutes, German Cancer Research Center, Helmholtz Centers, Leibniz Institutes, Max-Planck-Institutes, Paul-Ehrlich-Institute, Robert-Koch-Institute.

Industry - such as Biotechnology companies; Chemical, Pharma, Milk and Food Industry;
Kit and Serum Manufacturers; Chip Producers and numerous other process and production companies.


Our Products

We offer an extensive product portfolio for Cell Culture and Molecular Biology, Chemistry and
Life Sciences:

Liquid Handling Systems for HTS, Protein Crystallography, Drug Research, Combinatorial Compound Arrays, FISH-Assays, Genomic Solutions and Chemical Applications (Art Robbins Instruments); Cellular Biomechanical Systems (Flexcell – Cell Tension and Compression, 3D Culture and Shear Stress Systems, Tissue Engineering); Bioreactors, Fermenters and Cell Culture Systems (Bellco Glass, Cesco Bioengineering, Chemglass Life Sciences); Fume Hoods and Microbiological Safety Cabinets of all classes (FASTER and Bigneat), Anaerobic and Hypoxia Chambers (BACTRON/BACTROX, ShelLab/Sheldon); Sealers and Evaporators (Porvair Science); Incubators, Roller Apparatus and a wide range of general laboratory equipment (Bellco Glass, Chemglass Life Sciences, N-Biotek, Stovall/IBI Scientific, ShelLab/Sheldon, Stuart).

Accessories and disposables

Accessories for the above equipment; a large selection of glass products and plastic disposables for cell and tissue culture, the chemistry lab and chromatography applications (Bellco Glass, Chemglass Life Sciences, J.G. Finneran, SciLabware, Sterilin); a wide range of standard and special plates and reservoirs (Porvair Sciences); single and multichannel pipettes (Capp).

Immunoreagents for Research and Production

Antibodies, antigens and proteins; substrates and reagents (ELISA, IHC, Blot, Microarray); ELISA Kits; FastAb Mouse and Rabbit Adjuvants; Plasma, Sera and Complement (Human und Animal)
(Advanced Biomart, Immunology Consultants Laboratory (ICL), Innovative Research, Meridian Life Science and Moss); Media, DNA, RNA and protein purification kits, staining solutions.


Our company philosophy

Competent support, reliable and flexible service, high-quality products and fast delivery are the cornerstones of our philosophy.

To meet these demands, we have split Europe into geographical areas, with each area being covered by dedicated sales support staff. Apart from administrative personnel, our team consists of four scientists as product managers, and three technicians for customer support, service and repairs.

Our product portfolio has been carefully chosen to fit the specific needs of the above mentioned customer groups. A large portion of our products is supplied by manufacturers for whom we have exclusive distribution rights for Germany as well as for parts or the whole of Europe. All products have to comply to sound quality standards, and the good longstanding relationship with our manufacturing suppliers guarantees a smooth and efficient service for our customers.

Throughout the whole year we participate at some of the most important trade shows such as generally Analytica and Biotechnica/Labvolution as well as numerous small exhibitions in Germany and neighbouring countries. We issue press releases on new products and place regular advertisements in major trade papers.

All our products and services are described on our webpages (www.dunnlab.de), which are constantly being brought up to date with product news, special promotions, exhibition participation, etc. Furthermore, we have joined the LinkedIn community.


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