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Comsumables from Bellco Glass Inc.

  • NEW! Anaerobic Culture Bottles
  • Caps and Closures: KAP-UTS™, stainless steel
  • Cellector™ Tissue Sieve
  • Cloning Cylinders
  • Cover Slips: rectangular, square, round with or without
  • Flasks (DeLong®, Erlenmeyer, Fernbach-, Nephelo-, Shaker-,
    Snap-Seal, Trypzination-)
  • Leighton Tubes
  • Miscellaneous Glassware
  • Pipettes, Pipette Canisters
  • Port Assemblies and Accessories for Spinner Flasks
  • Spinner Flasks and Accessories
  • Tubes

 Excerpt from our Bellco's consumables portfolio. For further information please click here.

NEW! Anaerobic Culture Bottles

  • Innovative GL45 screw cap with silicone o-ring and butyl-rubber septum stopper maintains anaerobic conditions
  • Prevents tedious crimping and de-capping
  • Different bottle sizes available
  • Type 1 Class A Borosilicate Glass
  • Capacity: 100 ml to 1000 ml



Cellector™ Tissue Sieve

  • For the preparation of cell suspensions and gel extraction of proteins
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Available with 85 ml or 130 ml pans
  • Screens with different mesh sizes from 25 µm to 1910 µm



Cloning Cylinders

  • For the isolation of single cells or clones from a mixed population in a tissue culture dish
  • Three sizes available: 6, 8, and 10 mm outer diameter
  • Borosilicate glass and on request in stainless steel



Cover Slips

  • Square, rectangular and round form
  • Thickness 0.13 mm - 0.16 mm
  • Floatglass refraction index: 1.52
  • Corning 0211 glass
  • German Glass D 263 M ideal for neural tissue culture
  • Specially developed for fluorescence applications



Photo-etched Cover Slips

  • Alphanumeric coded squares:
    520 for square,
    100 for 12 mm ř round cover slips
    200 for 25 mm ř round cover slips
  • Coding facilitates micromanipulation of cells or analysis of chromosome spreads
  • Glass thickness:
    - 0.19 mm - 0.25 mm for square cover slips
    - 0.13 mm - 0.16 mm for round cover slips
  • Coded area: 0.6 x 0.6 mm



Erlenmeyer Flasks

  • Various styles available
  • Narrow or wide mouth with or without screw cap
  • Available with break-resistant lip
  • 50 ml - 6000 ml flask capacity



Fernbach Flasks

  • Different types available:
    ®, break-resistent lip, GL45 membrane screw cap and pouring ring
  • With or without bottom or side baffles
  • 1800 ml or 2800 ml capacity




  • Various types available:
    - Dounce
    - Potter-Elvehjem
    - Tapered
    - Tenbroeck
  • Overhead drives available



KAP-UTS™ Disposable Closures

  • For culture tubes and flasks with DeLong® style necks
    and access port
  • Manufactured from nontoxic autoclavable Polypropylene
  • Seven colours and six sizes from 13 mm to 38 mm
  • Same evaporation and sterility characteristics as stainless steel closures
  • Moulded pressure fins for firm grip
  • Autoclavable up to 140 °C
  • Stainless steel closures see below



Leighton Tubes

  • Type 1 Class A Borosilicate glass
  • Short neck for easy positioning of cover slips
  • Plain top or screw cap available
  • Fits into Leighton tube rack (also available)



Nephelo Culture Flasks

  • Phenolic screw caps or DeLong® neck with SST closures
  • With or without cleanout port
  • With or without baffles for increased oxygenation



Pipette Containers

  • Stainless steel or Borosilicate glass
  • Round or flat bottom
  • Autoclavable and dry heat sterilisable
  • Rubber liner protects pipettes from breakage



Serological Glass Pipettes

  • Type 1 Class B Borosilicate glass
  • Various styles available
  • With or without cotton plugging top
  • Blow out, tempered tip
  • Calibrated to the tip
  • Also available: 3 mm orifice for handling tissue homogenates and cell suspensions
  • Shorties for easy use under biological hoods

    Click here to find the suitable Pipette Plugger



Shake Flasks

  • Various styles available
  • DeLong® neck or break resistant lip
  • With or without screw cap
  • With or without bottom or side baffles
  • 50 ml - 4000 ml flask capacity



Spinner Flasks, Bioreactor Vessels and Accessories
Different spinner types for various applications:
cell suspensions of bacteria, insect, mammalian or plant cells

  • MicroCarrier Spinner Flasks
    - For cultivation of mammalian cells in suspension or
      microcarrier cultures, also ideal for insect cell cultures
    - Many sizes available: from 100 ml to 36 l
  • Glass Ball Spinner Flasks
    - Particularly gentle agiation for microcarrier beads
    - Specially formed bottom indent prevents accumulation
      under impeller
  • BELL-FLO™ Spinner Flasks
    - Unique paddle design for increased aeration
  • Bio-Probe™ Low Volume Spinner Flasks
    - Excellent for small volumes
    - Four side arms for probe insertion
  • Water Jacketed Spinner Flasks
    - Perfect if incubator space is limited
    - For use with circulating water bath or chiller unit
    - 50 ml - 8 l capacity

  • 4-45™ Bioreactors
    - Four side arms positioned 90° for increased capabilities
    - Stainless steel cap seal with compression fittings
      for probes etc.

  • Vertical Sidearm Bioreactor Vessels
    - Suitable for all cell culture and fermentation
    - Compatible with overhead drives and magnetic stirrers
    - 4 or 6 vertical GL45 side arms
    - With or without baffles
    - Low profile vessels available

  • Water Jacketed Bioreactor Vessels
    - For use with circulating water bath or chiller unit
    - 4 or 6 vertical GL45 side arms
    - Low profile vessels available

  • Large Selection of Accessories:
    - Sparger
    - Paddles
    - Drives and stirrers
    - Caps
    - Port assemblies
    - Heating blankets
    - Probes



Stainless Steel Closures

  • Ideal for use with culture tubes and flasks with DeLong® neck
  • Manufactured from 305 stainless steel
  • With finger grips for firm fit
  • Withstand dry heat sterilization and repeated autoclaving