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Acrylic Laboratory Products



Animal holders

  • For mice and rats
  • Both user and animal are kept safe and secure
  • Available in 5 different sizes



Beta shields

  • Various sizes available
  • Constructed of cast acrylic 1.27 cm thick
  • For best protection against Beta radiation



Containers for
beta emitting samples

  • For storage and transport
  • Made of heavy duty  cast acrylic
    1.27 cm thick
  • Designed to hold most tube racks, small bottles and vials



Glove box or paper tissue box holders

  • Designed to hold a standard glove box size or 3 different sizes of paper boxes
  • Can hang on the wall
  • Also available is a glove box holder with lockable lid



Mikroinjection molds

  • To form agar channels to firmly hold Zebra fish embryos in place during microinjection
  • Several types of molds for different applications and embryos available



Pipette holders

  • Various stands and racks for pipettes of different sizes



Racks for serological pipettes

  • Notched front for easy access of shorter pipettes
  • High stability



Staining trays

  • Hold slides securely in place
  • Black cast acrylic keeps your slides in a dark, humid environment for safe storage
  • Also available: staining trays with clear lid



Waste containers

  • Various sizes available
  • Made of heavy duty cast acrylic 1.27 cm thick


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