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Multispot Microscope Slides

For Immunofluorescence Test (IFA) and Cell Culture

The high quality white glass slides with hydrophobic coatings provide the following application benefits:

  • Self-draining gloss surface
  • Resistant to common organic solvents of fixing agents (also acetone!)
  • Heat resistant
  • Autoclavable (20 minutes at 120 °C)
  • Plain and frosted slide ends

The wetting properties of the non-coated surface areas have been improved. Liquids easily spread on these surfaces.
For cell culture the slides have to be cleaned with deionised water or detergent followed by sterilisation.
Slides have a surface for easier marking.

further information

Most popular designs:

1.      Multispot slides with 8 spots (diameter: 6 mm)
         The space between the spots corresponds to the distance of the wells of standard microplates.
         Probes can be transferred directly to the slides with multichannel pipettes, which are also
         available from us.

2.      Multispot slides with 8 spots offset (arranged in a zigzag shape) (6 mm diameter)

3.      Multispot slides with 10 spots (2 versions: 4 and 6 mm diameter )

4.      Multispot slides with 12 spots (5 mm diameter)

5.      Multispot slides with 15 spots (4 mm diameter)
         This version is particularly suitable for immunofluorescence.

Custom design service: other spot diameters, different designs, colours, and imprints are available!
Standard colour is red with "Dunn" logo.