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Your Specialist for Microplates


Product range overview - please contact us for detailed information on the products.

Also available sealing equipment (e.g. heat sealers), foils, and mats. Please click here.




Plates for a wide range of assays

  • Krystal plates with glass bottom and
    biocompatible adhesive
  • Transparent, black or white
  • 24-, 96-, 384-well plates
  • For ELISA-, absorption, fluorescence and luminescence assays
  • U-, V-, or flat bottom
  • Round or square wells
  • Plates with COP bottom available for measurements with wavelengths below 350 nm
  • Also quartz bottom plates available



PCR plates made of polypropylen

  • Free of DNA, DNase, RNase, and pyrogene
  • Rimless, half skirt or full skirt
  • With 96 or 384 wells
  • Compatible with most thermocyclers and sequencers (compatibility guide available)



Filter plates

  • Suitable for various applications such us
    isolation of DNA, binding tests, etc.
  • Made of polypropylen or polystyrene, with different filter materials, e.g. glass wool, nylon, nitocellulose, PVDF, or polyethylene
  • Overview of filter plates and their possible applications available on request



Plates to collect and store liquids

  • Deep well plates
    - 96 or 384 wells
    - With round, square or rectangular wells
    - Available in white, red, blue or black
    - 220 µl to 2 ml per well
  • Low profile plates
    - 96-well plates
    1.1 ml per well
    Only 27 mm high, allow stacking for
      high-throughput applications
  • Plates for large volumes
    - 24-or 48-well plates
    - 24-well plates with 10 ml working volume
    - 48-well plates with working volumes of 4.8 ml,
      5 ml or 7 ml




Bacti-Growth plates

  • For growth of bacteria, yeast, mammal and
    insect cells
  • 24-, 96-, or 384-well plates
  • Round or square wells
  • 300 µl to 10 ml working volumes
  • With lid



Solid phase extraction (SPE) plates

  • Combinatorial MicroLute™:
    Plates with different PE bottom frits with various
    pore size for self-filling
  • Empty plates and bottom frits (Vyon F / T PE) separately available
  • SPE starter kit (different sorbents, manifold,
    spacer inserts, microplates, reservoirs)
  • MicroLute™ BioVyon™ C8 and C18 products
  • Wide range of accessories
  • P3 protein precipitation plates
  • Suitable manifolds in our portfolio
    (contact us for further information)



Wide range of reservoirs
for manual applications and automated processes 

  • Pyramidic bottom for minimal dead volume
  • Large selection
  • Suitable for use with automated liquid handling systems
  • Chemical and heat resistant (PP)
  • SBS/ANSI standard