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Consumables available from the following companies:


Art Robbins Instruments

  • Protein crystallization plates ("Intelli-Plate®")
  • HLA products (serum tubes, complement cooling system, nylon wool, syringes, stream splitter, single or multiple hand-held syringe dispensers, microcentrifuge tubes and racks)
  • Accessories for ARI equipment



Bellco Glass Inc.

  • NEW! Anaerobic culture bottles
  • Caps and Closures (Stainless steel, KAP-UTS, Pouring rings, Gaskets, Stoppers, etc.)
  • Cloning Cylinders
  • Cover Slips: rectangular, square, round with or without photo-etch
  • Culture tubes (Anaerobic, Hungate-, Leighton-, with cap, gas fermentation)
  • Flasks (DeLong®, Erlenmeyer, Fernbach-, Culture-, Roux-, Snap-Seal, Sample-, Nephelo-, Shaking-, Trypsinizing-, Biometric-, Roller-)
  • Homogenizer (Collector™ Tissue Sieve, Dounce, Potter-Elvehjem, Tenbroeck, Overhead Drive, BioVortexer)
  • Pipette Cans
  • Pipettes, glass and serological
  • Premium glass products for the cell culture
  • Spinner flasks and accessories (Hanging Bar-, BioProbe™-, BELL-FLO™-, Glass ball-, Microcarrier-, Water Jacketed, etc.)



Cesco Bioengineering Co. Ltd.

  • "BelloCell"® Culture Bottles
  • "BioNoc II"® Microcarriers
  • "GlucCell"® Glucose test strips for glucose monitoring system



Chemglass Life Sciences
Glass products for cell and tissue culture, chemistry and standard laboratories

  • Anaerobic culture tubes (Hungate)
  • Bioreactor Accessories
  • Bottles (Anaerobic-, Hybridization-, Roller-, Roux-, Culture-, Medium, etc.)
  • Caps and closures
  • Cloning cylinders
  • Cover Slips
  • Flasks, Fernbach and shaking
  • Homogenizers (BioVortexer, Dounce, Griffiths, Potter-Elvehjem, Tenbroek, Overhead, etc.)
  • NEW! LAB ARMOR™ water- and ice-replacement
  • Spinnerflasks
  • Pressure relief reaction flasks



Excel Scientific

  • Plate sealing foils, films and mats for many applications



Flexcell Int.

  • Special 6- and 24-well culture plates with different matrix bonded growth surfaces (for use with Flexcell® systems for biomechanical applications)



Finneran Associates Inc.

  • Adhesive sealing foils with PTFE-coating
  • Glass and plastic products for chromatography, biotechnology, and analytics
  • HPLC vials
  • Patented "96-well Multi-Tier™ Microplate System"




IBI Scientific

  • Beta-irradiation protective products
  • Lab products manufactured from acryl
  • Microinjection plates





  • Dry metal beads, can be heated and frozen, for water bath replacement



Porvair Sciences

  • Components for assay development
  • Deep well and bacti-growth plates
  • Filter plates
  • Micro assay plates (solid-, clear-, glass bottom)
  • PCR plates and tubes
  • Pin Tool (replicator)
  • Plate sealing foils, films and mats
  • Reservoirs
  • Solid phase extraction equipment (SPE)



Sterilin Ltd.

  • Containers, also pyrogene-free and CE-certified
  • Dippers
  • Microtitration plates (clear, white, black; U-, V-, flat bottom)
  • Petri dishes, spreaders and loops
  • Pipettes, single use and glass
  • Single use plasticware and Pyrex® glass products
  • Tubes and vials
  • Weighing boats



SciLabware / Azlon

Re-usable plasticware from various materials. More than 700 products: bottles, beakers, measuring cylinders, flasks with wide and narrow neck, wash bottles, etc.


Glass products for standard and (especially) chemical laboratories:

Over 800 products: borosilicate beakers, flasks, dishes, and tubes

Volumetric flasks, bottles, pipettes, and burettes, ideal for volumetric applications

Quickfit® ground-glass joints are precision manufactured with an accurate taper and smooth finish for leak-free performance and assured interchangeability




From various manufacturers